Looking to start or expand your business in San José? Need help navigating City's permitting process?

Visit Your Business Coaching Center to learn about the City's 3-phase process to opening or expanding your business in San José.

1. Begin
The City can help you navigate steps to starting, expanding or operating your business in San José.

2. Coaching
The City and its partners offer coaching for new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners looking to locate or expand in San José.

3. Launch
The City and its business assistance partners can help with continued coaching on such tasks  as hiring, expansion and other business needs. It's also important to keep informed to stay in compliance with City regulations.


The City of San José Zoning Ordinance describes the legal uses of property in San José. Compliance with this ordinance is mandatory. Learn the types of uses for your zoning districts.

Hiring a professional
Do you plan new construction for your business or are you modifying or expanding existing space? As part of the approval process, the City usually requires plans from a licensed or certified professional. Learn what you should know before contracting with architects, engineers or building contractors and find out about available architectural, engineering and construction firms servicing San José.

Registering your business
The federal government, states, counties and cities require companies to provide information that allows them to register their businesses, protect their business names, hire employees, pay taxes and be in compliance with regulations. All businesses in San José must register with the City and obtain a business tax certificate. Depending on the type of business and whether it has equipment or employees, the business owner might also need to obtain other licenses and permits from the State of California and Santa Clara County.

Your Business Coaching Center makes it easier for you to register with federal, state and local agencies.

Managing your plan review, permits and inspections
Familiarize yourself with the City’s planning and zoning regulations. Some businesses, such as restaurants and bars, must comply with County health regulations. Being informed is your best strategy for navigating and mastering the steps to opening or expanding your business. Review the “open or expand your business” flowchart to learn what to expect.

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