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Having a business plan is essential for any business - if you own a business or plan to start one, you’ll find that your company will achieve greater success if you have a well-written document describing your company, its goals and plans for achieving those goals. Additionally, if you are interested in obtaining financing and/or possibly selling your business, you will need a current business plan to show the loan officer, investor or potential buyer.

An Important Note About Privacy/Proprietary Information:

You may be concerned about entering private and/or proprietary information into the template - but there is no need to worry.  Each person who creates a business plan via our template tool must create and use a secure login. This will ensure the privacy of your information from both other site users as well as the BusinessOwnerSpace.com staff and partners.  As such, only you will have access to your business plan - no other user of the BOS site will be able to read, edit or access the content in any way.  Additionally, the BOS site administrator will also not be able to access your data so if you need technical support, staff will be able to provide general assistance but will not be able to directly access your information - this is to protect your privacy and the privacy of your proprietary and financial information.

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